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In our business, 100% reliability is a necessity. That’s why from installation to maintenance to emergency response, Cana is always ready and each member of our team is committed to the delivery of timely and superior service.


Service representatives at Cana are available around the clock to field calls from clients, and we’re proud of our consistent record of rapid resolution of questions, problems, and emergencies.


At Cana, you call, we answer. It’s that simple.

Latest Blog Posts

What type of incident management system does your company use for protection? CanaComm.com has partnerships with several providers for high-quality alarm detection and warning systems. Edwards is just one of the mass notification systems that CanaComm partners with....
Big changes are coming to the telecom and security industry. Here's why.... Traditional phone lines are copper. The copper lines transport analog voice data over phone lines. These copper lines will soon be replaced with digital services. Moving to Digital Phone...
Keeping your business safe and secure has always been a priority with large and small businesses, alike. Security has been a growing concern for years, and the demand for reliable products never ceases. Making sure that staff members, business equipment, and data...
There are a lot of security threats in a modern workplace. Some are on the outside of the building, as a physical threat, but some are unseen, as with a digital threat. At Cana Communications, it is our job to help our clients see these potential threats and solve...
Video surveillance is a benefit at a business. In today’s society, it is actually a risk NOT to have cameras in your business. Not having cameras at a business actually increases the risk of a crime. How can video surveillance help your business? Many times, when...
Does your business need a reliable access control system, so that it can grant access to employees? Access control can monitor the entry doors and exit doors for all staff members. Access panels make sure that your warehouse doors, side doors and other entry points...
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