Big changes are coming to the telecom and security industry. Here’s why….

Traditional phone lines are copper. The copper lines transport analog voice data over phone lines. These copper lines will soon be replaced with digital services.

Moving to Digital Phone Lines:

Over the next few years, hard-wired phone lines will be going away. The new systems being installed will be digital. Versatile digital networks will phase out telephone networks. Integrated Services with a digital network will be the new normal. By the year 2030, these networks may be shut down for good, and will be replaced by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) – phone service over internet.

Faster Speeds will be the New Normal:

Another change that is coming… mobile standards will also be closing 2G and 3G platforms, as 4G and 5G become the industry standard for speed. The 4G speed is already common, and most of us welcome that change in the near future.

This will affect fire and security systems:

The fire and security systems that communicate to alarm receiving centers will be impacted by the changes. Some companies are no longer working on copper lines and the support for it is being phased out too. If you have your fire, access control or CCTV system monitored by copper wires (older style phone lines) this will require a system upgrade very soon.

As technology changes, there are opportunities for businesses to save money by replacing landlines with a wireless set up. This could mean hundreds of dollars of savings a year for the business owner.

We are ready to upgrade all current customers before these changes occur. If we haven’t yet upgraded your system to digital, please contact us for a quote.

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