Video surveillance is a benefit at a business. In today’s society, it is actually a risk NOT to have cameras in your business. Not having cameras at a business actually increases the risk of a crime.

How can video surveillance help your business?

Many times, when criminals go into a place of business to check it out, if they see cameras, they may turn around and leave. They will instead target a business without cameras in place. They don’t want to risk being seen or caught, and cameras are always recording the images.

A video recording offers police something to use when looking for a suspect. A video recording can offer a still image of a face, or a car tag if needed. Video can also be useful if used in a court of law. It is commonly used as evidence if a crime does occur.

Video footage can be the pair of eyes you need at the back of a building, behind a fence, in the stairway, or in the parking deck.

With the help of alarm monitoring, a business owner can be aware of anything that happens if the alarm triggers their cell phone and the police.

Alarm monitoring: State-of-the-art alarm monitoring services utilize world-class central-station automation software technology to provide reliable and uninterrupted monitoring of building systems. We can offer alarms, trouble “signals”, as well as reporting.

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